Our Mission

Our mission…

To train marketplace revivalists who will restore hope and uplift the economy of communities, cities and nations.

Our conviction…

The supreme authority and power of the Christ and His kingdom should be evident in all the world’s domains, be it Government, Education, Arts, Business, Media, Family and Religion. And across all the world’s geographies because it all belongs to Him.

The christian should take the Kingdom of God and the Authority of His Christ, with power, into the domains of this world.

A true marketplace revival company is arising – mighty in word and deed.

Why Marketplace?

The Marketplace is where business, education and government converge. It is the heart of the city and is to the city what the heart is to the body.

Society has no future without the marketplace. The future is indeed bright for a city or nation where all three strands (of this 3-strand cord of business, education and government) effectively & vibrantly interact with each other.

Scripture shows us that it is the Creator’s will that His wisdom, grace and provision flows freely through this 3-strand cord for the edification of society.